International Women’s Day- Unifor Statement

March 8, 2021

International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate women and women’s achievements and to continue the push for gender justice.  It was started by working women to call attention to poor pay and working conditions. It grew to include a call for women’s rightful place in leadership and safety from violence. Today, it is a day to celebrate equality gains and recommit to action and persistence towards full equality for all equity-seeking groups.

When we work collectively, across our diversities, we are a force that makes change.

This year marks nearly one full year under the pandemic. This crisis has shone a light on pre-existing inequality and, in many cases, has widened it: racism, gender-based violence, unpaid care work, inadequate elder support and more. We need to address these inequalities and come out from the pandemic with a new society.

We did not let the pandemic stop us from organizing for a better world, getting elected to bargaining committees and local executives. We continue to fight for racial justice advocates, paid sick daysfair pay, pharmacare, better long term care and child care, against gender-based violence and much more.

This year we will celebrate the women of our union and the work they do every day to push back and make a difference.

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In solidarity,

Jerry Dias                                   Lana Payne
National President                 National Secretary-Treasurer