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Christmas Retirees Luncheon 2015

Shan White’s Retirement Part 2

Photos by Ted Sopylo

Shan White’s Retirement

Unifor Local 112’s General Membership Meeting was a special one on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015, when members and the Executive Board gathered not only for their regularly scheduled agenda, but also to say their goodbyes to someone who has been an asset to Unifor Local 112 for over two decades.

During the meeting, President Scott McIlmoyle called for a short break to welcome Shan White to the stage so the membership could send her off with warm wishes.Scott McIlmoyle, Dwight Brown, Melrose Cornwall, Joel MacDonald, Graham Davies, John Turner, Phil Fryer, George Botic, Brad McConnell and Dan Alushi took the stand to say a few kind words to let Shan know how much she would be missed. She was presented a Unifor pin and sworn in as an Honourary Unifor Local 112 member, and given a farewell gift on behalf of the entire membership – a brand new laptop and computer bag. After Shan said her goodbyes and thanked the membership, the group indulged in cake and coffee and had some photo-ops with Shan before the meeting continued.

Shan has worked for Unifor for 21 years and has worked for five Financial Secretaries and four Presidents at the Local. Her role was bookkeeper, administrative assistant for correspondence, letter writing, answering the phones, hall bookings, conference bookings and election preparation, but she contributed so much more than that to the Local. Her knowledge and always-kind spirits will truly be missed.

On behalf of Unifor Local 112, we’d like to thank Shan for her dedication to the Local over the past 21 years. Congratulations on your retirement and best of luck on your new endeavours in the future!

Unifor 112’s Annual Retirees Christmas Luncheon

On December 11th, 2014, Unifor Local 112 retirees, members, and family gathered at the Montecassino Hotel for their Annual Christmas Luncheon.

Despite the white-out of snow in true Canadian fashion, morale was warm and cozy in the hall where friends socialized and shared a laugh and a delicious meal before the holidays.

Guests were also welcomed before the lunch to a tour of the Bombardier Plant, where enthusiasm was high and the Christmas spirit began in full swing. The tour received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we apologize to those who could not make it due to the poor weather conditions.

Upon arrival at the Montecassino Hotel, attendees were invited to purchase tickets to a 50/50 Christmas Draw. All proceeds from the draw were donated to the North York Harvest Food Bank, the primary food bank for northern Toronto. With ticket sales upwards of $750, the donations for the food bank totalled $383.50. Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket for their support.

Financial Secretary Brad McConnell opened the floor before lunch with a welcoming message to attendees, followed by Local updates and the announcement of Shan White’s retirement by Scott McIlmoyle. Thanks to Retirees Chairperson George Botic and the Retirees Executive Committee: Marti Kontor-Taylor, Victor Pierrynowski, Helge Hartung, Anabel Dalmao and Norm Smart. A warm thank you goes out to Melrose Cornwall for saying prayer before lunch.

Special thanks also go out to all those who made the event possible, and all who attended. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Christmas Luncheon.

We wish everyone a safe, warm and merry Christmas!

Patrick Wu – April 1, 2015

Thomas Lai – March 1, 2015

Nicolas Navarro – January 16, 2015

Pictures by Ted Sopylo

Stan Pietras – January 1, 2015

Photographs by Ted Sopylo

Steve Copeland, Bombardier – November 1, 2014

Anna Bartnik, Bombardier – September 1, 2014

Brian Sidorchuk, Bombardier—August 1, 2014

Italo Bosco, Bombardier—August 1, 2014

Photographs by Ted Sopylo

Spyros Glykis , Bombardier—August 1 2014

Photographs by Ted Sopylo

Manuel Almeida – January 2015

Manuel Almeida began his career at Northstar in June of 1974 at our former Cambridge operation. Manuel subsequently lost his job in the spring of 2004 when the company closed the Cambridge facility. On June 20th 2005 he was re-employed in Milton where he spent an additional nine and a half years before his retirement in January 2015. After forty one years with Northstar, we would like to thank you for your dedication and wish you all the best on your retirement.

Henri Ohayon—August 1, 2014

Kenneth Gidge—August 1, 2014

Ryszard Kuzminski—August 1, 2014

Keith (Cowboy) Allen, Vitafoam – October 30, 2014

Alfred Yeboah – January 1, 2015