All Unifor 112 merchandise is union made, and all apparel is also made in Canada.
To purchase any of these items please contact your unit representative or fill out a contact form here.

Black Cotton T-Shirt-$20
Black Cotton T-shirt—$10.00
Winter Jacket-$150
Winter Jacket—$150.00
Red Pullover Hoodie-$55
Red Pullover Hoodie—$45.00
Golf Jacket-$50
Golf Jacket—$40.00
Labour Day Jersey-$20
Labour Day Jersey—$10.00
Travel Mug-$12
Travel Mug—$10.00
Black Pullover Hoodie-$55
Black Pullover Hoodie—$45.00
Black Zip-up Hoodie-$45
Black Zip-up Hoodie—$40.00
Black Golf-Bamboo-$20
Black Golf Shirt-Bamboo—$20.00
Ball Caps-$10
Ball Caps—$10.00
Retirement Gifts

Men’s and Ladies’ Watches

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