Take Action – Labour Ministers must step up their responsibilities during COVID-19

During pandemics, it is frontline workers who keep society running—providing healthcare, access to goods and services, transportation, telecommunications, and so much more. More needs to be done to protect the health and safety of these working heroes.

Workers are speaking out about the dangers of a lack of access to protective equipment, unaddressed concerns about prevention plans, and the mental health repercussions of being on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19.

Now more than ever before, the voice of workers must be heard, listened to, and acted upon. But so far, labour ministers have been missing in action.

It’s the responsibility of provincial and federal Ministers of Labour to uphold and enforce safe working environments. Will you help us hold them to account?

Let’s tell Canada’s Ministers of Labour to support and enforce the right to refuse unsafe work without repercussion.  

Sign the petition here: unifor.org/safeworknow

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