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Chair Merv Gray
Chair Merv Gray
Vice-chair Brent Laus
Skilled Trades Andrew Sharpless
Production Don McCrae
Production K. Blair Weeks
Kim Lloyd
Constance (Connie) Wright
ZONE 1- Bay 5 Mario Bestic
ZONE 2- Bay 6, 7 Paint Shop, 12 K. Blair Weeks
ZONE 3- Bay 11 Brent Laus
ZONE 4- Skilled Trades Andrew Sharpless
ZONE 5- Bay 1, 2, Stores, Heat Treat Chris O'Reilly
ZONE 6- Afternoon Shift Don McCrae
J.H.S.C. Co-chair Mike Cantelope
Alt. Rep Dean Howald
Debi Carson

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DH 112 Bargaining Update

October 26, 2021

Dear Local 112 DH members,

Please see below for DH Local 112 Ratification Vote results.

De Havilland will be sending information about your return-to-work details.

In solidarity,
Local 112 DH Bargaining Committee

DH 112 Bargaining Update

October 26, 2022

Local 112 de Havilland Memorandum of Agreement, please click link below:


DH 112 Bargaining Update

October 16, 2021

Dear Local 112 DH members,

The union and the company remained at the bargaining table this week and made some progress but have not yet reached a tentative agreement. The union’s negotiating team plans to review the company’s latest proposal on Monday and is scheduled to meet the company on Tuesday.

The union’s objective is to continue to advance the bargaining process and reach a tentative agreement. We will continue to give you as much information as possible without undermining the bargaining process.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

In solidarity,
Local 112 DH Bargaining Committee


October 1, 2021

Dear DH Local 112 members,

The union and the company have reached an agreement on next steps in negotiations. The company and the union will meet in full committee beginning Thursday October 7 in Toronto.

We ask for all members’ continued patience and support as your union works to reach a fair settlement in this dispute as quickly as possible. Further updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

In Solidarity,
DH Bargaining Committee


September 16, 2021

Dear DH Local 112 members,

The following update is to advise members on the latest developments with negotiations between the union and the company.

As was mentioned yesterday, the union provided the company with a new bargaining offer seeking a response within 48 hours. The company did not respond to the offer within the 48-hour window and therefore the union has withdrawn the offer. However, the company did agree to a meeting between Brenda Allen from Longview and Unifor National President Jerry Dias. The meeting will take place on Tuesday afternoon in British Columbia.

The union filed an appeal of the Judge Myers injunction order on Wednesday September 15. The appeal seeks to challenge the extraordinarily restrictive picketing protocol imposed by the Judge. To be clear, the appeal process can be very lengthy. As a result, it is unlikely to have any impact on the current labour dispute with DH. However, this appeal was filed to make clear Unifor’s opposition to this restrictive protocol, and if successful, it may help protect workers right to picket in future labour disputes. In short, out of respect for our striking De Havilland members, Unifor determined the judge’s decision must be challenged.

Additional information will be provided as soon as possible. Your continued patience with the bargaining process is greatly appreciated as is your support and solidarity on the picket line and for your bargaining committee members.

In solidarity,
DH Bargaining Committee


September 14, 2021

Dear DH Local 112 members,

This update is to advise you on the latest developments with negotiations between the union and the company.

As previously announced, after talks resumed with the company on Tuesday September 7 at 10 a.m. Unifor presented a new comprehensive proposal to the company covering all outstanding issues including the future location of the Dash 8 program. On Thursday September 9, the company announced it would take time to regroup before responding to the proposal. Since that time, Unifor has not received a response from the company.

As a result, earlier today, the Unifor negotiating team met, including National President Jerry Dias, Assistant to the National President Shane Wark, National Representative Barry Lines, the Local 673 and 112 bargaining committees, and the Local 673 and 112 Presidents. At this meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Unifor will continue to make every effort to try to advance the bargaining process. This includes submitting a further bargaining offer to the company by 4:30 p.m. today that seeks a detailed response within 48 hours.

We will continue to keep members informed of new developments. We thank you for your continued patience with the bargaining process as well as your support and solidarity on the picket line.

In solidarity,

DH Bargaining Committee

De Havilland Picket Duty Sign-up

If you need to register or change a schedule for DH Picket Duty sign-up, please contact Melinda Smith at melindasmith112@hotmail.com or 905-903-1842.

De Havilland – Bargaining Update

September 1, 2021

Greetings Member,

Today, the union and the company reached an agreement to resume bargaining. This is a positive development and an important first step towards reaching a tentative settlement. Talks are set to resume on Tuesday, September 7th at 10:00 AM both parties agreed to remain at the table until an agreement is reached with the assistance of Ontario Ministry of Labour mediators.

The union will continue to provide as many updates as possible as information becomes available. We thank all members for their patience. The best way to stay informed is to report for picket duty and receive updates directly from your picket captain.

It is vital that union members continue to report for picket duty throughout these talks until we reach a tentative agreement. Your solidarity on the picket line supports the work of the bargaining committee. It also shows the strength of our union and our dedication to reaching a fair settlement.

One day longer, one day stronger.
In Solidarity,
Local 112 DH Bargaining Committee


August 19, 2021

Greetings Member,

Moments ago, the bargaining committees confirmed that the company and the union will return to the table as early as tomorrow. However, union members will continue to hold our picket line at the East Gate. We still require full support to hold the line on all shifts while negotiations are ongoing. We ask all members to urgently support the bargaining committee by taking on additional hours on the picket line as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has already shown their support and solidarity on the picket line.

In solidarity,|
Scott McILmoyle
Unifor Local 112

Membership Update

August 16, 2021

Dear members,

The No Dash No Deal rally we held on Monday August 9 was a success and brought together members of our union from across the GTA and Southwestern Ontario. Raising public awareness of this strike one way in which the union is putting pressure on both De Havilland and Longview to get back to the bargaining table. While our rally received positive coverage in The Toronto Star and on CityNews, our most important effort continues to be maintaining a strong and fully staffed picket line around the clock.

Members may already be aware of the company’s repeated attempts to undermine our picket line over the past two weeks, including on Thursday when the company attempted to remove a Dash 8 aircraft from the paint shop. These efforts were unsuccessful. Small groups of De Havilland management also continue to arrive at the plant with the apparent intention to enter the Downsview plant.

It is crucial that the union continues to have a strong, fully staffed and fully resourced picket line at all times. We encourage all members who can volunteer additional time or have not already volunteered for picket line duty do so as soon as possible.

Members should also be aware that on Thursday August 12, De Havilland decided to file a motion in court to try to convince a judge that our picketing activities are illegal. The union’s legal team is working closely with Local 673 and 112 on this matter. The motion was heard before a judge on Friday August 13 but no ruling was issued. The hearing was adjourned until Tuesday August 17. If a ruling is issued on August 17, the union will review the judge’s decision to determine if any changes are needed to our picketing activities. The union has also organized a rally for retirees across Southern Ontario for that same day, Tuesday August 17, at noon. We encourage all members to attend.

Unifor National President Jerry Dias continues to reach out to the appropriate government officials as the union continues to build public support for our message and pressure the company to resume talks. As that work continues, we need the support and solidarity of all members who can or have not already signed up for picket duty to do so.

We thank all members who have volunteered their time and effort to maintain our peaceful picket line for the past 21 days.

One day longer, one day stronger.

In solidarity,

Maryellen McIlmoyle, Local 673 President
Scott McIlmoyle, Local 112 President

De Havilland Strike Pay

August 4, 2021

De Havilland strike pay should be available by the end of Thursday, August 5th and it will be delivered by the Strike Committee on your next scheduled picket duty.

We continue to picket at the East gate 24/7, all members are asked to come out and support your fellow sisters and brothers with your time and presence.

We also want to Thank our Retirees members for their continued support at the picket line.

In solidarity,
Unifor Local 112

De Havilland Bargaining Update

Sisters & Brothers,

Unifor Local 112, 673 and the National Union are continuing to bargain with De Havilland at this time. The Bombardier Local 112 and 673 members have reached tentative agreements and will have a Ratification Meeting July 31, 2021,

Strike action for our DH members will continue and you will be updated as soon as new information is available.

Bombardier members are expected to show up for their scheduled shifts until Saturday 6am. Depending on the result of the ratification vote, their shifts may resume at 6pm Saturday evening.

We have requested support from our retired members and from Unifor’s Toronto area locals to cover the lines with our De Havilland members while the ratification meeting is being held

We ask you stay strong and committed during these negotiations.

In Solidarity
Unifor Local 112 & 673

Bargaining Update – Job Action Called

Unifor Local 112/673 members,

As of 10:00 a.m. today, the Unifor bargaining committees have been unable to reach tentative agreements with Bombardier and De Havilland. As a result, all four bargaining units have commenced strike action. Your Unifor bargaining committees remain at the table prepared to negotiate in an effort to bring this round of negotiations to a conclusion and address the important issues of our members.

We appreciate the continued support and patience of all Unifor members at Bombardier and De Havilland and we will provide you with further updates as bargaining continues.

In solidarity,
Scott McILmoyle
Unifor Local 112


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DH-Bargaining Update-2021.07.20


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Please click on this link: https://www.unifor112.ca/bargaining-proposal-survey/


Merv Gray, Plant Chairperson:
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