In Solidarity with Nova Scotia

In Solidarity with Nova Scotia

In the wake of this week’s horrific act of terror in Nova Scotia, our Unifor family expresses our heartfelt sympathies to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims.

Our thoughts are with all Nova Scotians left heartbroken, devastated and reeling from the targeted and random violence perpetrated this past weekend.

As each hour passes, we learn more about the victims. Health care workers on the front lines fighting COVID-19. A teacher. A retired firefighter. Public servants. Mothers. Daughters. Fathers. Sons. Grandparents. Dear friends. Volunteers. And a veteran RCMP officer, killed in the line of duty.

We grieve with all of you. We have cried with you and will do so again as we all continue to process this terrible moment. We also send our love and solidarity.

In a small province where practically everyone knows everyone, where community is something that is practiced every day, we know this horrendous violent act and the heartbreak it has rendered is felt deeply and will be for a very long time.

We hope the very characteristics that have made Nova Scotia such a vibrant and beautiful place in our country will be the foundation for healing. That sense of community and hospitality. The deep-rooted friendships and closeness. The working-class spirit. The solidarity, love and connectedness.

COVID-19 means we must find new ways to be close, to connect, to support each other especially during this darkest of times. We can and must do this, as every Nova Scotia family did on Monday night, April 20, with the lighting of candles.

Please know there are supports for anyone who needs them. Please reach out and use the resources for Unifor members at

Remember the victims and their families. Amplify their voices, their names, their lives. We will honour them by continuing to advocate for safer workplaces at, as was the request of the family of Kristen Beaton, an NSGEU sister slain this week.

As a union with 12,000 members working in nearly every sector of the Nova Scotia economy, we stand with Nova Scotians in solidarity and grief.

Rise Again, Nova Scotia. Rise Again.

In Solidarity,

Jerry Dias, National President
Lana Payne, National Secretary-Treasurer
Linda MacNeil, Atlantic Regional Director